Is there a correlation between a good customer experience and operational control in Facilities Management?

Of course! You can’t improve your service levels if you don’t measure them. Technology can boost your performance but it is hard to find the right balance between investment (available resources) and demanding expectations (better service at lower cost). JLL Corporate Facilities Management team is helping L’Oréal in implementing a low-cost IT solution to support in-house fleet services, H&S, Audit and outsourced Hard and Soft facilities service lines.

Are you a vintage IT lover that much?

Or would you rather move on to the next level, cope with NWoW and take the first step into FM 4.0?

Are you willing to stop collecting data based on paper reports, to leave your spreadsheets behind, and to decide based on business intelligence? Save time and add real value to your organization.

My 5 Key learnings for implementing an IT tool (I’d like to share some good practices you can use on your project):


Experience matters. A lot! If you don’t have experience, reach out someone who does. You can tackle many barriers and increase chances of success for the project, your customer satisfaction and for your own reputation! Is there a someone you know from your professional network, or maybe your local FM association? Call him. Make time for a coffee and share your concerns.

Business case, benefits & investment. Nowadays, organizations (like L’Oréal) value and understand the importance to own the IT tool used to support FM operations. You just have to show the real benefits of investing resources to FM. You need to learn about your stakeholder’s agenda (logistics, finance, procurement, IT head department) to find the right opportunity to show them why this initiative makes sense.

When sourcing for the tool, define your criteria and priorities, based on your experience, what fits best for your organization, how impactful FM can be for the core business, and whatever your objectives may be. Keep in mind that these days tech tools must be cheap, be very intuitive, supported by digital processes and extremely user-friendly. And please, avoid introducing another island into an increasingly crowded IT corporate ecosystem.

What about regulation and compliance!? This can be more important for top management than the actual investment involved. Keep in mind that collecting, maintaining and using data is very sensitive to their agenda and this is increasingly regulated. If you forget compliance in your project the risk involved represents 10% of your organization’s business profits.

FM can add value to the core business. Benchmarking solutions: at JLL we can offer a powerful tool to measure and improve the financial and operational performance of your facilities. It provides you with business intelligence you can act on to drive improved performance and have better conversations about service levels and their financial impact.


Because performance means becoming better, cost effective, delivering relevant service to the end user.

Gonçalo Canário