FM Stakeholders Conference
Fev 22@9:00_14:00


As it is firmly recognized that Facility Management is a holistic integration of people, spaces and processes, it is not quite so when it comes to the integration with the several departments and C-suites within the organization.

The FM Stakeholders Conference® is the place to bring together all CxO’s and Department Heads together with Asset, Property, Maintenance and Facility Directors and Managers.

The Portuguese Institute for Facility Management (APFM) has since started to build working groups and partnerships with professionals and fellow associations that represent colleagues from HR, Finance, Procurement, IT, CRE, and others, to bring these usually conflicting views to the same room and look for a mutual understanding and common future goals.

This first public meeting will coincide and have the participation of the Committee Members of the TC348, responsible for the European Facility Management Standards.

(*)Special fees available for stays at ALTIS Grand Hotel

Email us at geral@apfm.pt to be part of the event and take care of bookings or just be in the list for further updates.

EFMC Sofia 2018
Jun 5@9:00_Jun 8@20:00

This years conference is being organized by EuroFM in a way that everyone in the international FM environment can benefit from this qualitative and attractive event. Everyone can enjoy the attractive entrance prices in the same way.

For the EFMC 2018 the conference organization has taken a fresh approach by consolidating the EFMC with the EuroFM Research Symposium, creating one holistic platform for all FM researchers, practitioners and educators to share their work. As such, researchers, practitioners and educators will all have the opportunity to submit presentations, poster presentations and/or papers. Facility Management takes this opportunity to make the difference by means of the facility manager who is driven to accomplish change within a daily work environment. EFMC today aspires to be the pillar enabling Facility Management to bring about FM benefits by telling FM stories to the world to make EFMC delegates aware of the important role Facility Management can fulfil.

FM professionals have been invited to shed a light on the impact of new technologies and other innovations in FM and to discuss how FM shapes our daily lives and influences our happiness and well-being.

EFMC 2018 5-8 June Sofia, Bulgaria! Call for stories/papers is closed!

For more information: www.cifmers.com or www.eurofm.org
Email: efmc@cifmers.com

WDC Lisboa 2018
Jun 7@8:30_13:45
WDC Lisboa 2018 @ Museu da Eletricidade | Lisboa | Portugal

About our conversations
Iniciadas en el año 2006, y con más de 100 ediciones en todo el mundo, estas conferencias recogen algunas de las “insites” a tener en cuenta para avanzar en el proceso de transformación en el que vive nuestra sociedad. Todo ello desde una triple vertiente de tecnología, personas y espacios.

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