APFM launches the 2022 edition of the largest quantitative study carried out in Portugal on the occupancy costs of the 1000 main employers in the national territory, as well as their evolution from 2018 to 2021.

This study aggregates, in indicators per employee and per turnover, the costs that the largest employers have in areas under the management of Facility Management, such as Maintenance, Cleaning, Security, Electricity and Leases.

Being a quantitative analysis, this study aims to be the starting point for a greater awareness of the importance of services under Facility Management scope, both for their impact on the financial performance of organizations but, especially, on the end users of their spaces, whether they are employees, customers or visitors.

Our full report shows the breakdown of cost per employee and cost per turnover for the categories: Maintenance, Cleaning, Security, Electricity and Leases, for all five sectors: Retail, Transportation, Industry, Hospitality and Services. Also, you can find clusters within sectors, where spending is more or less intensive and compare with your situation.